Rapid Prototyping at ORIGINS llc. Debuts 3D Printed Soap Box Car at 3D PRINTER WORLD EXPO 







Origins LLC designed and build a Hawaiian Themed  the soap box car for Ohana Restaurant, to compete in the 2014 Red Bull soap box derby in Seattle.  Together with CIMtech, Stratasys, General Plastics, South Sound Hydrographics. Rapid Prototyping expert Lloyd Murrey stated "our process was to laser scan the driver and design the car around him."  This one man car was built with some of the largest 3Dprinted parts in the world.  The hood ornament components were cast in water clear urethane. The accent pieces were printed using water transfer to represent   Carbon fiber. The Tiki theme included a steering wheel with a bamboo texture bent in SolidWorks.  Hand sculpted surfer  and Tiki Idol were reverse Engineered then 3D printed and produced on CNC Milling Machine respectively.





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